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About Walking football and South Lincs Steelers

Do you want to enjoy the playing beautiful game but at a slower pace? Do you want to be part of a team and enjoy everything that comes with team spirit? Do you want to improve your physical and mental health?
South Lincs Steelers Walking football maybe just what you're looking for, whether its just playing for fun or to be involved in competitive sport, we can be just what you need! Come along and see us, or contact us for more information (see below)
Club secretary Jason Putterill

Club secretary, first aider & founding member

Club Chairman Jamie Scaife

Club Chairman & founding member

Club treasurer John Short

Club treasurer & founding member


Jason is a diesel engines, engineer for a multi-national company for 25 years.

"I've always enjoyed playing football and being part of a sports team. When I started playing walking football, I was in my mid-forties, overweight and horribly unfit. Playing the game every week made me realise that, I can be fitter and healthier and can achieved other goals. Walking football was catalyst for me, I've recently completed the London Marathon, I owe this to the sport"


Jamie is a local businessman and partner in his family Steel erecting business.

“In 2009 I had an extremely bad skiing accident breaking my right femur into 20 pieces. After 3 major operations and 2 years on crutches, I was able to walk unaided again but with severe restricted movement in my right knee. I never thought I would be able to participate in sporting activities again but after a chance encounter with a local fitness company in 2018, I was hooked on walking football and it has been a great benefit to both my physical fitness and mental well being.”


John is a retired accountant, originally from Cheshire, then moved to Cornwall before settling in Lincolnshire.

''I'm 72 now and right through the years I've been involved in football, playing, 21 years refereeing, coaching my grandchildren's teams.

I'm now enjoying playing walking football and the socialising that goes with team sport and its members''.

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Club History


    In early 2018 a local fitness business started offering walking football on Thursday mornings, with an average of half a dozen people, of which mostly consisted of retired people from working life. These sessions were held at Monks house playing fields in Spalding.   

    When the lighter nights came in the spring an evening session began on Tuesdays at rotten row in Pinchbeck, which then added to the small group of players. Come the dark evenings the session were moved to Gen Park at Surfleet under the floodlights on Mondays. Popularity grew and it wasn't long before some friendlies were organised against Wisbech town, Sleaford and Glinton under the name of Spalding WFC (FA unaffiliated). The team also entered in a one day tournament at Wisbech. 

     This continued until Covid restrictions hit in March 2020.

South Lincs Steelers at Glen Park

Enter The South Lincs Steelers

   When Coved restrictions eased and outdoor team sports were allowed the local business that had been running the walking football session announced that they were sadly no longer going to be offering this service.

   Three of the playing group decided that they were going to take on the initiative on themselves. They were Jason Putterill, Jamie Scaife and John Short. Text messages were sent out to the other members of team and in some cases where a phone number wasn't available, tracked down to thier places of work etc.  ith the great news that there would still be walking football in our area.

    The first session was at Monks house in Spalding with a healthy number of players. Soon as more restrictions lifted a move back to Glen Park on a Monday happened.

    The next year to 18 months were interrupted again by Covid restrictions but soon after the vaccines were introduced to the population things got back to normal and the Club got back to its forward path.

     A decision was made that the Club would play competitively and that the Club would not call itself Spalding WFC, feeling that the name belonged to the original fitness business.

     South Lincs Steelers became its new name, after the local area and the Steelers part down to Jamie Scaife's local family business. A Club kit was purchased of blue and black striped shirts with blue shorts and socks and a friendly with Boston soon followed.

   The Club continued to grow and became FA affiliated and entered into the Peterborough district over 50's walking football league, soon after this the Lincolnshire FA over 50's and over 60's league. In 2022/23 season due to an increase in members a second team was entered into the Peterborough league.

   During the growth of the club membership has always been on the increase. The Club have been in position to be able to keep a good set of fresh and current equipment and has purchased  a set of official league sized goalmouths. A 2nd kit of white shirt and waterproof jackets has also been precured. After a near tragedy while playing in a friendly at Wisbech the Club led the way to have de-fib installed inside the compound at Glen Park along with a significant financial contribution.

    The members of the club hope that this progression continues for many more years.


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