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PDFL walking football dates 2023/24

This season, both divisions will have more fixtures as Division 1 now has 10 teams and Division 2 has 12.

In Division 1 we say goodbye to Boston, Harborough town and Sleaford, but we welcome new to the league Deeping Rangers and Oundle town Black. Also Huntingdon now have a Division 1 team, while Glinton & Northborough and Oakham united have been promoted from Division 2.

Division 2 welcomes new team Oundle town Whites and our friends from Leverington, Levvy Lions. Hampton FC have two teams in the division as do Whittlesey Athletic. Huntingdon also have two more teams making three teams in total across both divisions.

Below are listed the Divisions in full with the matchday dates. Full fixtures will be published in the next few weeks


Division 1

Deeping Rangers

Glinton & Northborough

Huntingdon C

Netherton A

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation B

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation A

Oakham United

Oundle Town Football Club Black

South Lincs Steelers Blue

Stamford Strollers A

Division 2

Hampton FC Blues

Hampton FC Royals

Harborough Hornets Green

Huntingdon A

Huntingdon B

Levvy Lions

Netherton B

Oundle Town Whites

South Lincs Steelers White

Stamford Strollers B

Whittlesey Athletic Alpha

Whittlesey Athletic Brava

Dates for season 2023/24:

24th September 2023

22nd October 2023

26th November 2023

17th December 2023

28th January 2024

25th February 2024

24th March 2024

28th April 2024

26th May 2024

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