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Player profile - Sunni Puni

Name - Sunni Puni

Age - 44.

Position - Defender / midfield trying to imitate Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Family - Been married for 24 years to my wonderful wife Susan, who bakes amazing cakes. My eldest daughter Mahima, she runs her own henna hand design company and my youngster daughter Khushi, she just started to design and make her own rings.

Place of birth - Edmonton, North London.

Profession - Commercial finance portfolio manager

Football team you support - The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be LIVERPOOL FC.

Any other interests outside of Football?

Since the age of 13 have been spinning the 1s and 2s on the decks. I really enjoy being a DJ… 3 loves in my life, My family, Liverpool Fc and my music.

How did you get into Walking football?

I Injured both my knees a few years ago and unfortunately since then I've not been to play at the same pace. After moving to Spalding 2 years ago, I wanted to try and get back into playing some form of football again. Then one day, as if by magic on Facebook I read a post for the walking football, I guess the rest is history.

Sunni in action during training at Glen Park

What do you enjoy the most about walking football?

When I'm working from home, I find that, its always good to get out of the house and meeting up with some great like minded people and who also enjoy playing the beautiful game. I have also previously like many other suffered serious mental illness and I find this a great outlet for me.

Is there any game or Training session that really stands out in your memory?

Once I moved off the by-line and scored at the near post against Jamie who was the goalkeeper… I have to say Salah like. LOL

What do you hope to achieve in the future playing for the club?

Not wanting to wish my time away but eventually when I am old enough (LOL) I'm really looking forward to playing for the club in League matches and tournaments.

Quote from the Secretary Jason Putterill.

Sunni is a great person and good friend. He makes us all laugh, not just during training sessions but when he goes missing for days upon end in London. He's improving all the time as player and I have no doubt that when he can play competitively he'll be an asset to the team.

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